My poem Them and Me recently got published at the Stoneboat Literary Journal’s Spring Issue 2017 (7.2).

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RAÚL QUINTANA SELLERAS is a computer programmer by day and a poet, playwright, and essayist by night. He has a BA in Religious Studies and an MS in Information Systems. He is working on the philosophical anthology Fragmented Philosophy and the play Laodamia and Protesilaus. Raúl resides in Little Elm, Texas with his wife Kristina. Read more at and @RaulQsAuthor.

Take a look at the first two stanzas of the work, in both English and Spanish. Buy a copy of the issue here.

They say I seem old,
But I am alive in my decrepitude,
And they are dead in their puberty.

They criticize me for being boring,
But my inactivity is creative,
And their actions are sterile.

Me dicen que parezco viejo;
Pero yo estoy vivo en mi decrepitud
Y ellos están muertos en su pubertad.

Me critican por ser aburrido;
Pero mi inactividad es creativa
Y sus disposiciones son estériles.

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Image taken from Flickr: NcMallory – The Man of the Crowd.